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Although I may from time to time address other things that interest me, the blog will focus on topics relating to theology, philosophy, culture, law, and education. These areas matter greatly to the lives of all of us because they deal with foundational ideas that pervade our existence. We can ignore these areas by choosing not to give them conscious attention, but we cannot avoid them: they underlie all that we are and do. Is it not, therefore, important that we think about them, talk about them, and learn about them?

About the Author, Brent Marshall

I grew up in a home in which God was honored and I was loved. When I was a little boy, I became a Christian; this was totally of the grace of God, not any merit of my own. Growing up, I learned that ideas and words are important.

Now, I have a home of my own. I am thankful to have been married to Lyn for seventeen years and to have two fine children, John and Susannah.

I am a lawyer by profession, having been admitted to the bar in 1985. In addition to law my primary training has been in mathematics and English. I am thankful for an excellent writing teacher who significantly developed my writing skills.

My father, an ordained minister, is the chaplain of a retirement community. My family goes there each Sunday to minister. This has been a wonderful experience, not only for my wife and I, but also for our children. Among other opportunities, I have been able to preach for my father on numerous occasions, and I now conduct one of the services each Sunday.

I love reading and writing. “Books are our friends,” we often say in our family, and we enjoy adding good books to our library.

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